YourSiloEngineer consists of a highly experienced team in the silo storage sector. We are completely independent from manufacturers and suppliers, being neutral when offering our services. We can answer your technical, commercial, R&D, audits, and any other queries you may have in relation to grain or biomass storage. We help you improve your storage management, reduce grain damage and make technical calculations for customers with special needs.

We offer our practical experience anywhere in the world, either on-site or remotely.

Why would a silo manufacturer need us?

The evolution of silo design and storage technology has not evolved significantly over the last few decades, leaving a niche market for innovative proposals that can be developed with YourSiloEngineer.

The silo is considered a simple machine but we must not forget that it is where our customer will store grain for long periods of time and failures in design, assembly, miscalculations, customer training in maintenance, fumigation, etc... can destroy millions of kilos of grain.Foto 10

There is also a generalised lack of after-sales support and a lack of capacity to evaluate different sectors or needs, limiting themselves to selling the product they manufacture without having studied the customer's needs properly. We do not say that it is the manufacturers' problem, it is usually a lack of knowledge of the client and as almost always, lack of budget to attend this type of services that although the client does not know it, are perhaps the most important part that will make him save money over time. YourSiloEngineer offers this service to the manufacturer or to the final customer.

Another point where YourSiloEngineer could be your external consultant is that we have a technical and practical knowledge of the standards for manufacturing under EUROCODE and ANSI standards, we can offer you a complete service to adapt your products, both for storage silos and for the complete cereal processing plant, to the specific standards that you need. 

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We are specialists, we have designed silos, made engineering calculation programs, developed assembly manuals, maintenance, we have an extensive network of connections in equipment suppliers for silos of all types, we work in assemblies, commissioning, more than 25 years of experience behind us, and even if you have a good technical department in your company, rest assured that we can still surprise you pleasantly and like other of our customers, we will have a lasting contractual relationship. Do not hesitate to contact us!

We recommend that you download our presentation where you can take a very detailed look at all the services we offer.