Focusing on specialized services has allowed us to stand out from more generalist consultancy and engineering firms, and today we have a team of professionals who meet the most demanding expectations of our clients. 

We want to complete the best service with durability, making the values that are born with our projects are maintained and are a constant over time, so we always have the best team of technical specialists who are backed by extensive experience in the sector.

Our aim is to ensure that our clients are fully attended to and supported by a serious and responsible company.


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  • Turnkey assemblies: If your customer requires an offer including assembly of your equipment, or your customer is interested in a professional company that provides a complete assembly service with commissioning, training and maintenance, AgroInPro is your solution.
    We have all the highly qualified human resources for the execution of the projects, as well as our own tools, office containers, etc., and our own remote engineering and administration support.
  • General Project Management by region or country: You don't want to burden yourself with more permanent staff, who also arrive without adequate on-site experience? AgroInPro offers you the service of project management by region or country. We take care of all ongoing projects by visiting them regularly, we are at your disposal when problems arise, we deal with your customers' requests, we report to management, and we offer the best solutions based on our experience. We will save you money and trouble, and your customer will be really satisfied by the attention during the execution of the project. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.
  • Site management: Our site management staff, apart from their experience in the sector of more than 20 years, and their adaptability to environments and cultures, are prepared to adequately manage communication with the client, supervisors, and other employees. Always looking after the interests of our client, first and foremost, and controlling the activity of all personnel involved in the work.
    The service is aimed at those clients who require external, autonomous and, above all, expert personnel in the sector, with advanced knowledge and adapting the internal protocols of each client in an efficient manner.
  • Mechanical/electrical supervision: Your customer is going to want guarantees and for this it is important that the execution at destination strictly follows the drawings and assembly manuals of all the equipment, so there is no better way than sending a supervisor with extensive experience so that all faults in assemblies are reported and corrected in time, if possible, since the assembly teams are usually local personnel with no experience in the sector.
    An elegant assembly, in accordance with regulations and manuals, with an experienced supervisor providing relevant information, is a guarantee of success, a "life insurance" and a great image for the manufacturing company.
    We have what you need, and you do not need to send technical office engineers with no on-site experience, or advanced fitters who know the machines well, but do not master the supervisory work and protocols.
    Our staff have VCA supervisory and IOSH safety certificates. Higher qualifications for any type of large industrial project or clients with stricter protocols.
  • Site foreman for equipment management: Many times clients are not willing to spend a lot of money on qualified technicians; big mistake!!!, because in the end cheap is expensive in our industry, and not only can it be a disaster for the client, but it can also damage the image of the equipment supplier.
    If you think that your client will go down that road, you can recommend our services as a site foreman for equipment management. Our personnel will manage the staff, train them to try to minimize errors in the assemblies and try to minimize possible errors and assembly times by managing the work team..
  • Qualified fitters per segment: Following a little bit the profile of the site foreman for team management, it is often very interesting to have in the local work teams, some additional person with experience in the sector, this will greatly facilitate the work of the site foreman and will be an example to follow for the rest of the employees. We have at your disposal what you or your client may need.Foto 05
  • OPI – Open Package Inspection: You can send us to receive all the material supplied at destination. We will control that a safe unloading is done, we will try to organise all the material in an efficient way so that when the assembly starts we save time, you will have a map of the location of the material, we will try to protect the material from bad weather, we will report transport damages, wrong pieces, missing material, etc... and the most important thing, we will make the client sign and approve the reception of all the material.
    This service can be contracted only for the reception of materials for the shipments that you consider necessary, but as an additional service we offer the possibility that the same person offers you the service of storekeeper, becoming the person responsible for the material once the assembly work begins.
  • Training Services: As a service independent of the others, we have the option of sending a trainer to the destination to train the personnel that you indicate to us for the correct and more effective execution of assemblies.
    On the other hand, we also offer this service when we do "turnkey" assemblies, or when our site manager or supervisor has attended the project from start to finish, being able to offer the training service to future operators of the plant.
  • Maintenance Services: Your client's installation has a couple of seasons but it looks like it is 30 years old..., because although it is no longer our responsibility how the client treats his industrial installation, at the end the logos with his name are still visible throughout the installation, and it is not superfluous to offer him a maintenance service that will also give the client a new image, he will save money with spare parts over time and he will not have to bother about anything, just pay his fee to have his service.
    We have a preventive or corrective maintenance service for the end of the campaign and/or the beginning of the campaign. It is a fully customisable service offered in several countries around the world. Contact us for more information.
  • Audit and Drone Services: You have limited yourself to the supply of equipment, but before the end of the warranty you are being held accountable for something? We can show up at the destination and audit the status of all equipment, we report professionally and can act on your behalf or as an independent external company.
    In addition, some of our staff have professional accreditation for the use of RPAs (drones) and we can, with the appropriate permits, fly over the area and less accessible areas to give a much more complete assessment of everything.
  • Cleaning and Disinfection Services: We have a special service for professional cleaning, disinfection and hygiene of farm silos through our YourSiloCleaning division.   Download PDF

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Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have regarding our services and competencies. We can tailor the scope of our services to the specific needs of your project anywhere in the world.